MediaVision is a full service communications firm based in Washington, DC. We approach strategic communications as a catalyst in governance, commerce, and public opinion. We believe that combining strategic plans with information and communications technology is pivotal to shifting public opinion, changing public policy, building market awareness, or managing a crisis.

Our Approach

We apply the best practices of strategic communications and media relations to the goals of our clients.


Whatever challenges you face in advancing your mission, building your brand, or protecting your reputation, we will help you navigate the crowded media maze and effectively communicate your message to the target audiences, markets, and stakeholders that matter.


Practice Areas

Although a small firm, we provide a variety of strategic communications services, bringing in colleague practitioners for larger projects beyond our core size as needed.

We offer:

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Crisis Communications
  • Brand Strategies
  • Communications Audits & Plans
  • Media Relations & Campaigns
  • Litigation Communications
  • Environmental Communications
  • Emergency & Risk Communications


Partial List of Clients

Margo Edmunds

Margo Edmunds

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of MediaVision

Margo is a seasoned Washington, DC-based policy expert and strategy consultant who specializes in health information and communications technology.  Margo is known for her ability to bridge fields of expertise and communicate about complex policies and technical information in a way that reaches a broad audience.  Currently a Vice President at AcademyHealth, she oversees work with public and private sector clients in health and health care policy, telehealth, research translation, diversity, and global health.  In previous positions, she led and evaluated policy initiatives and strategic communications campaigns at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the National Academy of Sciences, Booz Allen Hamilton, the American Medical Informatics Association, the Children’s Defense Fund, and others. She enjoys using data visualization and infographics and is currently working on a book about digital health.

Charles Cinque Fulwood

Charles Cinque Fulwood

Chairman and Co-founder of MediaVision

Charles Cinque Fulwood has been an innovator and thought leader in strategic communications and public persuasion campaigns for over 30 years. Since his start in the field, he has been an early adopter of best practices from both the nonprofit and corporate sectors for change and public interest branding.  A thinker, writer, manager, and practitioner, he has brought his special brand of strategic communications to a broad range of policy institutions and organizations working on a variety of global issues from climate change to voting rights. He specializes in change branding and crisis communications. Charles is a member of the teaching faculty of Johns Hopkins University, instructing a graduate course in Emergency and Risk Communications, and is a former Communications Director for Amnesty International USA, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Children’s Defense Fund.

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