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Litigation Communications

We provide both confidential media counsel to trial attorneys, including jury consultation, and public management of media relations during pre-trial, trial, and post-trial phases. Services are provided for both civil and criminal investigations and trials.

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Environmental Communications

We provide strategic counsel for climate change communications, environmental branding, and public persuasion campaigns.

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Brand Strategies

We provide comprehensive strategic planning and counsel for branding and turnaround strategies for organizations. We specialize in the areas of diversity, people with disabilities, human rights, or environmental co-branding alliances between nonprofits and corporations.

Communications Audits & Plans

We conduct comprehensive assessments of your communications liabilities and assets, and design a strategic communications plan that minimizes liabilities and maximizes assets.


Emergency & Risk Communications

We provide training and execution in emergency and risk communications related to both natural and human-made disasters, particularly in communications to diverse cultural communities.

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Media Campaigns

We provide a full menu of media relations services, including message development, media training, media plans and press releases. Moreover, we provide full campaign planning, strategy, and execution.

Crisis Communications

Minimize negative publicity, mitigate damage to reputations or brands, and devise long-term strategies for re-building reputations or brands. We represent nonprofit, corporate, elected officials, celebrities, and other public figures.

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Strategic Counsel

We work with you to develop a tailored plan and strategy that is specific to your short-term or long-range goal and budget. Whether the goal is executing an existing plan, managing change, or mitigating a crisis, our focus is always on the merits and nuance of each client situation.